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Taiga Flycatcher

Ficedula albicilla (Pallas, 1811)

Восточная малая мухоловка

Ortoliik, Kosh-Agach district, Altai Republic
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Taiga Flycatcher looks like Red-breasted Flycatcher (Ficedula parva) and former was considered as its subspecies. Crown more brownish, less greyish; orange-buff patch on throat and breast are less than in Red-breasted Flycatcher. Breast (excepting orange-buff patch) is usually ashy-grey.


Rare breeding migrant. It inhabits deciduous and mixed forests in mountains up to 1300 m in Altai. On migration visits bush thickets, man-made forests and groves. It arrives in end of April - early May; poor flight finishes in end of May. Nest is built in tree (in Siberia mostly in tree holes) at 0.1-1.1 m above ground; nest is from moss, dry grass, bast, thin rootlets, and is lined with poplar fluff, hair and feathers. Only female builds nest. Clutches of 4-7 eggs founded in end of May - mid-June. Broods recorded in end June - late July. Only one nest is known for Kazakhstan. Autumn migration passes from the end of August, majority of birds fly out in September, latest migrants recorded in mid - end October.



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